Technology Use

The use of AI-based generative technology is allowed, but only as a helping tool. The use of such technology needs to be stipulated honestly and transparently upon first submission in a Statement of Technology Use, to be included on the title page of the manuscript:

If no generative technologies were used:

If no AI-based generative technologies were used, the authors should include the following certification on the title page: 

'No AI-based generative technology was used in the preparation of this manuscript and the execution of the research that the manuscript reports upon.”

If generative technologies were used:

If the authors did employ the help of AI-based technology to generate text, figures, materials, scripts, etc., they should include the following statement upon first submission on the manuscript, in a separate section prior to the reference list, called: Justification of technology use. They should list all uses of generative AI-based technology. 

"Justification of technology use

The authors used AI-based generative technologies for the production of this study. The authors certify that the output of this service was carefully checked and they take full responsibility for the contents of this manuscript. The following technologies were used:

  • [Tool name (version, url)] was used for [ explanation ]. "

When relevant, the use of these technologies should also be described in the method section. 

Non-generative technologies (software tools, packages, etc) are reported in the method section and included in the reference list.